Assessment Information

SLS Student Learning Outcomes

SLS Assessment Working Group


Carol Thurman, Ph.D. Academic Assessment Manager

Ellen Zegura, Ph.D. Professor, School of Computer Science

Meltem, Alemdar, Ph.D., Associate Director - CEISMC

Cara D. Appel-Silbaugh, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Students, Division of Student Life

Jill Auerbach, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research ECE & Opportunity Research Scholars program

Jason Borenstein, Ph.D., Senior Academic Professional, Public Policy

Elijah Cameron, Ph.D. Associate Academic Professional

Julia M. Sonnenberg-Klein, Academic Program Manager II

Carol S. Sullivan, Ph.D. Faculty Teaching and Learning Specialist, CTL

Cassandra Telenko, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering

Brenda A. Woods, Ph.D., Director of Research and Assessment for Student Life

Please click the links to view sample student and instructor surveys.  Although these surveys will be revised from semester to semester, they provide an example of the types of questions we will be asking based on the course designation.

SLS Student Beginning of Semester Survey 2017

SLS Student End-of-Semester Survey 2017

Course/Project End of Semester Survey Spring 2017 (Instructor Survey)

CIOS Questions