Affiliated Courses

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The Outbreak Narrative

Fall 2019, Spring 2019
ENGL 1102

In "The Outbreak Narrative" will explore communication via our class topic: narratives of contagion.


Standing Peachtree and Indigenous New Media

Spring 2019
ENGL 1102

Indigenous knowledges and stories are mapped onto the land beneath your feet and mediated through oral and material modes. Indigenous knowledges and stories continue to be sovereign, embodied through various methods of meaning-making.


Technical Communication for Business Majors

Spring 2019, Fall 2018
LMC 3403

After completing the first course module on personal branding, students will turn their attention to climate-related issues.


Social Impact: In-depth Exploration and Design

Spring 2020, Fall 2019, Spring 2019
MGT 4803

This course is for those curious (maybe even passionate) about social and/or environmental issues, who want to understand the root cause of those issues, and the challenges of providing evidence-based solutions.


Sustainable Urban Development

Spring 2019
CP 2233

This course introduces the challenges of sustainability as applied to the built environment and the built environment's interconnectivity with the natural environment.  It addresses a range of specific sustainability-related issues such as sprawl and smart growth, climate chang


Solar Decathlon Design Challenge

Spring 2019
ARCH 8903-JB
This independent study is dedicated to completing Georgia Tech’s entry to the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon Design Challenge for 2019.  A team of students will ultimately produce a design for a net-zero ready building according to the DoE’s requirements and, s